Zillow has announced that, effective September 29th, they will only accept data directly from Multiple Listing Systems.  They had already ceased individual Realtors® input back in May 2017.  What difference does this make?  It means that they will no longer be getting data from other sources like personal websites, franchise websites, publications and similar sites that are either not accurate to begin with or the information is not updated on a regular basis. They will get the most accurate data available after the end of this month, directly from Multiple Listing Systems.  Many consumers have found properties on Zillow that they liked, only to find out from their Realtor® that the property has already sold.  In the very least it is frustrating, on the other end of the spectrum, I feel it is misleading the public.  I, for one, am very happy to see this change coming.  Yes, I would like for consumers to visit our company’s website (http://www.NorwoodTeam.com) but I also know people look as several sites, Zillow being one of them.  I just want the information to be as accurate as possible and it looks like improvements are on the way.  God bless, Teri Norwood, Broker