(9.)  Financing Approval:  This is a time period agreed upon in the contract, usually 30 days, in which the buyer must have all their financial information to their lender.  There may be a need for updating or providing additional information to your lender.


(10.)  Final Walk-Through:  The buyer and their Realtor® visit the home prior to closing, usually within a day of the scheduled closing time.  This gives you an opportunity to see that the home is left as you expected it to be. 


(11.)  Closing:  The closing date is agreed upon in the contract.  We all work together to be able to close on your home on this pre-determined date, or very close to it.  When the title company and the lender have all the documents prepared and reviewed we will be notified that we can schedule closing.  We, you as the buyer and your Realtor®, meet together at the title company to sign all the documents.  You can choose if you would like to close with the seller or separately. 


(12.)  Funding:  Some loans to purchase a home do fund at the time of the closing, or shortly after.  We occasionally experience a loan funding the following business day.  The sell of the home is not official until the title company has received the funds from your lender.   


(13.)  Move in:  Take all your furniture, boxes and belonging and make this house your home!